About us

R. Mack Welding has been in the welding trade for over 25 years, serving the oilfield, heavy construction and agricultural industries . To best serve our customers, R.Mack Welding has:

  • Full Worker's Compensation Board coverage
  • 2 Million Dollar Contractor's Liability Insurance
  • Class 1 Driver's License.
  • Alberta Red Seal Journeyman Certification

Offering a wide range of abilities within the welding trade, R. Mack Welding specializes in:

  • Truck Rigging
  • Structural Oilfield
  • Truck Decks
  • Winch Rig Ups
  • Headache Racks
  • Heavy Equipment (and truck & trailer) Repair & Maintenance
  • Oilfield Equipment
  • Skid Packages
  • Track Equipment
  • Ice Corking
  • Dozer Cat Window Guards and Blade Extensions
  • Aluminum Frabrication
  • Hard Surfacing & Buildup
  • Any and all custom fabrications as well
Contact R. Mack Welding in Bowden, Alberta, for all your welding needs